What do you charge for freelance copywriting?

As every project is different, it’s always difficult to give an up front cost. I usually find the projects I work on need more than my just my copywriting skills, and also include varying elements of research, project management and consultancy too. I’m happy to provide all these services, but I’ll need to know more about what you’re after before I can give you an accurate quote. If you’d like to email me, I’ll happily send you a short project briefing form (I promise it won’t take long to complete!) which will help me to provide you with an accurate quote.

What do you write about?

I’ve written about almost anything you can imagine, from helicopters to haute couture. As long as I have an understanding of your audience, your aims and some source material to work from, we can agree an approach together. Over the years I’ve written various advertising and marketing materials, newsletters, tone of voice guides, sales brochures, winning proposals, magazine articles and blog features. And if you’ve got a complex requirement, I love an interesting challenge… so try me!

What do you need from me?

Once again, this will depend on the project. However, as a general rule of thumb, the bare minimum I will need from you is:

  • Exactly what you’re after, e.g. a brochure, web copy, support with your strategy
  • What you’re trying to achieve with the project, i.e. your business objectives
  • Your unique selling point and key messages
  • A profile of your target audience (a profile of your stakeholders is also beneficial)
  • The tone of voice and style you need me to use, including any existing material I can refer to
  • An overview of your business and your competitors
  • Estimated size of your project (number of words/pages)
  • Your internal deadlines

I always do what I can to quote accurately, but without all this information there’s a chance I’ll miss something. The more information you can give me, the better the output will be.

When can you start?

Chances are, if it’s a short project, that I can start working on it right away (although as much notice as possible would be great).

If you need me for an extended period, I’d be delighted to accommodate you as soon as I can, although this may depend on my other bookings. Fortunately I’m used to juggling numerous deadlines a week, so I should be able to help you almost immediately. Let’s have a chat to confirm an approach and to name some indicative dates and times.

Can you work onsite?

Depending on where you’re based, I’d be happy to come to your offices either for an initial consultation or on a contract basis. As I’m based in Berlin, it can be difficult to meet directly face to face, but for a large contract, I would be more than willing to travel in order to meet your team.

Even if we can’t meet in person, I can still get to grips with what you need and how I can support you. I’ve worked with geographically dispersed clients in the past, and the projects were never been hindered by communicating via email, phone or Skype.

Who can you work with?

Almost anyone. I’ve collaborated with some of the best website developers, digital designers, project managers and even other writers in the digital industry…these relationships haven’t just helped me learn to work with a broad variety of disciplines, but have come to flavour the way I write, too. I consider carefully the visual representation of copy, and I’ll work with whoever you need me to, to ensure we get it right (I’m a bit of a perfectionist).

What value can you add?

My unique selling point lies in my sales and marketing background. In my last full time job I regularly wrote proposals for consumption by clients with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and in a wide variety of sectors… pitching copy at the right level for the audience, and adapting the company’s writing style to meet client expectations is second nature to me.

I’m also excellent at energising dry subject matter and understanding how copy needs to fit in with your wider marketing and brand strategy.

Anything else I should know?

Once we’ve agreed to proceed with the project, I’ll assume you’ve read my Services Supply Agreement. I’ll remind you about this before we go ahead, but it’s probably worth having a look now to make sure you’re happy!

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