How do you charge for freelance copywriting?

I tend to offer an upfront cost or charge a daily/ hourly rate, depending on the project. Projects I work on tend to need varying degrees of research, project management, consultancy, and of course, time. To offer an accurate quote, I’ll need to understand exactly what deliverables you’re after and what your intended process is. For a feel of what to expect for rates (and to understand why good copywriters won’t offer ‘per word’ pricing) I highly recommend checking out the ProCopywriters suggested rates.

What do you write about?

In recent years, I’ve erred more towards the education and non-profit sectors, as well as the odd bit of travel writing. I love an interesting challenge though and have written about everything from helicopters to haute couture. As long as I have an understanding of your audience, your aims and some source material to work from (or a subject matter expert to talk to) we can agree an approach together.

Are you a subject matter expert?

Although I have experience in the education and non-profit sectors (and therefore a good understanding of how people in these sectors prefer to communicate) I am not a subject matter expert (SME). My skills lie in getting to grips with complex content quickly. Not being an SME allows me to bring a fresh eye to your communications, ensuring they’re free from fussy jargon and tired messaging. In fact, this balance of skills is exactly why people choose to work with me.

OK, so what do you need from me?

Obviously, this depends on the project. However, as a rule of thumb, the bare minimum required from you is:

  • What deliverable you’re after, e.g. a brochure, blog, article, etc.
  • What your project objectives are
  • Profile of your target audience (one for your stakeholders also helps)
  • Your unique selling point and key messaging
  • Tone of voice and style guide, including any existing material I can refer to
  • Internal deadlines

To help with this, I can send you a checklist, or a form to fill out. I hear you *ugh, not a form* but the more information you can give me the better the output will be. Clients also often tell me this helps them get their head around exactly what they’re looking for.

When can you start?

I tend to be the ‘go to guy’ for short notice projects. If it’s a short deadline, all the better – chances are I can start working on it right away (although obviously as much notice as possible would be great). If you need me for an extended period, I’ll also be happy to accommodate you, although this depends on other bookings. Fortunately I’m used to juggling deadlines so let’s have a chat to confirm an approach and pencil in some dates.

Can you work onsite?

As I’m based in Berlin, it can be difficult to work directly onsite at short notice, but I’m more than willing to travel to meet you and your team – especially if we’re intending to work together long term. Even if we can’t meet in person right away, I can get to grips with what you need and how to support you. I mostly work with geographically dispersed clients and these projects have never been hindered by communicating via email, phone or Skype.

Who do you collaborate with?

Almost anyone. I’ve interviewed high-flying CEOs, teachers, educational experts, MPs and MBEs. I’ve collaborated with some of the best web developers, digital designers and project managers out there. All this hasn’t just helped me understand a broad variety of disciplines, it’s come to flavour the way I write, too. Whoever you need me to work with, I’ll ensure we get it right (I’m a bit of a perfectionist).

Anything else I should know?

Once we’ve agreed to proceed with the project, I’ll assume you’ve read my Services Supply Agreement. I’ll remind you about this before we go ahead, but it’s probably worth having a look now to make sure you’re happy!

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